From when we get out of bed we're flooded with all kinds of information, and it doesn't end before we nod off to sleep.

Too much information

We hear and read all sorts of information, be it our friend's Facebook scribbles, the latest news exclusive, and of course which new shiny toy or game to buy.

We leave our house and there are messages everywhere; on colourful screens, large advertising billboards, churches, even mobile messages on buses and taxis.

Everyone seems to want our attention and the loudest, the biggest and the most colourful will win, or will they?

Learning to choose

In life we're all on a journey to learn whose messages to trust. Some help us grow, others do not.

Like the wolf in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, some of the people sending those messages are not as well intentioned as they make themselves out to be. Some want to mislead us so they may gain something for themselves.

We hope you'll accompany us on this journey of discovery; child, parent and teacher together.

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